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Parco del Frignano
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The Frignano Park is the ideal place for sport and nature lovers who want to discover greenery and the breathtaking views of the mountains. The protected area offers a rich network of trails and routes especially conceived for trekking and mountain bike experts. The Appennine horse trail, which runs through the park, is much appreciated by horse riding enthusiasts, while those who love juggling with compass and map will find a rich calendar of orienteering proposals.

To the summit of Mt. Cimone
From Lago Ninfa to Vetta del M. Cimone
Across the ancient bridges
From Pievepelago to Pievepelago
Hike to Libro Aperto
From I Taburri to I Taburri
Ancient hamlets and Lake Pratignano
From Località Due Ponti to Località Due Ponti
The glacial lakes
From Lago Santo Modenese to Lago Santo Modenese
The Apennine's Far West
From Seggiovia dello Stellaro to Seggiovia dello Stellaro
Piccola Cassia, Stage 5
From Rocca Corneta to Capanna Tassoni
Piccola Cassia, Stage 6
From Capanna Tassoni to Cutigliano
Romea Nonantolana, Stage 6
From Fanano to Valico della Croce Arcana
Romea Nonantolana Stage 6var
From Fanano to Lago Scaffaiolo
Romea Strata T13NL
From Montese to Fanano
Romea Strata T14NL
From Fanano to Capanna Tassoni
Romea Strata T15NL
From Capanna Tassoni to Cutigliano
Sentiero Spallanzani, Stage 8
From Rifugio Battisti to San Pellegrino in Alpe
On the mountains of Sant'Anna
From S. Anna Pelago to S. Anna Pelago
On the footsteps of St. Geminiano
From Passo delle Radici to Passo delle Radici
On the Via Romea Nonantolana
From Centro di Fanano to Ospitale
Migrants and the Gothic Line
From Trignano to Trignano
Pastureland and celtic huts
From Doccia to Doccia
Via Germanica Imperiale, Stage 14
From Montecreto to Fiumalbo
Via Germanica Imperiale, Stage 15
From Fiumalbo to Cutigliano
Via Matildica del Volto Santo, Stage 8B
From Variante Gazzano to San Pellegrino in Alpe
Via Matildica del Volto Santo, Stage 8
From Gazzano to San Pellegrino in Alpe
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